#LU Social Media MOOC (First Post)

It is obvious from the research done about connectivism, the new form of learning, that gaining knowledge in this digital age is mainly possible due to the extensive use of technology and access to the internet. Connectivism allows participants from all over the world with a wider point of view, to express their opinions and share them with others via social network so many more people are able to gain knowledge in a non conventional way. This form of teaching allows all involved to contribute to the final thought process. In the #LU Social Media MOOC class, we have been exposed to how we can become contributors and comment about topics of interest in very effective ways.

In my opinion, educators should utilize social media to obtain and expand opinions from students, parents and concerned citizens.  This non threatening way of sharing information would enable all school community members to contribute and celebrate the success of their students. When two of my students and I were published in the local paper (hard copy and online) we witnessed a lot of community support for my students.  Many people recognized the effort students made developing mobile apps addressing various needs in the community. The community recognized us at fast food restaurants and left online comments excited and celebrating my students’ work. As a result, students became more engaged in the process of developing mobile apps.  Students were willing to use social media like facebook to discuss their success and comment on each other’s work.


Connectivism – Shawn Burke


Digitally Speaking / Using Social Media to Reach Your Community


Carl Hooker, Eanes ISD, Texas, shares his 21-Day Challenge on Using Twitter.


MOOCs and Beyond – Updated to 7 Things You Should Know About MOOCs, June 2013.



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