#LU Social Media MOOC – Week Two

This week, with the help of various reading and video resources, I was able to understand what professional learning networks are and the role they play in the acceleration of professional learning.  At first, I felt PLNs were very similar to Professional Learning Communities.  However, I quickly realized that it extends way beyond the knowledge of my PLC members and extends beyond seeking for expert knowledge from only the PLC circle within my school.  My PLN journey started by creating a twitter account and seeking educational PLNs to follow.  Technology is constantly changing and social media makes it a lot faster for professionals to witness and apply these changes.  I have started creating my personal learning network based on the value of the information I have read from various blogs.  What I am really seeking for is learning all the best practices that ensure that my students are engaged, innovative and creative. I spent a lot of time figuring out what resource to use, follow or comment about. I found a lot of experts but I have had to narrow it down to a few local and international ones based on their blogs.  I found some interesting articles by international bloggers such as this one http://videoformyclassroom.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/six-steps-to-setting-up-your-flipped.html

Although I have started building a PLN, I am still seriously searching for more knowledge and find myself to be more of a consumer than a creator at this time.  I have left a few comments and have re-tweeted a lot of information.

I will definitely continue to build my PLN and will keep refining my contacts as I read more of their posts.

Click on the link below for my Personal Learning Network.

PLN List



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