#LU Social Media for Communication MOOC – Newsletter

Week 3 LU Social Media MOOC Self Reflection:

This week, I feel very comfortable with the assignment.  I have really enjoyed creating the first communique for a club that so badly needs it.  I have been communicating with parents and students that are members of the Technology Students Association for three years now.  This has not been as effective as I thought it would be.  Besides that, I have been sending numerous updates, information and deadline notices every week.  The idea of creating a communique that clearly communicates all messages in one publications seems to be an incredible and appropriate choice.  I do not have to spend lots of time sending numerous emails. Lots of information is shared at once.

There have been numerous time when I have advised TSA members to inform their parents about important dates competitions  and without fail, one or more students forget.  Most of the regional competitions run until 9:00 pm and parents have to pick up their children.  I have had to sit and wait for more than half an hour waiting for parents to pick up their children because the student forgot to convey the necessary information.  With a monthly newsletter, parents and students will be well informed.

As a parent and teacher, I know that most of us are busy and are probably not comfortable utilizing the same facebook account that the students subscribe to.  Students feel like they cannot act natural under the watchful eye of their parents and teachers.  As a result, all parents and advisors for the clubs are not invited to the students’ personal network.

However, using email, I can now communicate the same message to all parents and students with one newsletter.

Layout and Appearance:

Although there is so much to recognize, appreciate and emphasize, I decided to keep the newsletter to one page.  I figured most people would only have time to peruse or read one page.

Social Networking Tools:

This newsletter will be sent out using email on students’ record.  It will go to both the student’s email and their parents’ email.

This newsletter will be posted on the facebook page for MedHigh TSA.

This newsletter will be sent to the MedHigh TSA website and will be uploaded to my facebook account as well as my wordpress account.



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