LU Social Media for MOOC Creating a video communication tool for policy makers

Step 1:

There is a lot of money in each public school for Special Education.  Autistic students needs should be met either with additional manpower or resources.  Students that are on the spectrum are affected by the day to day operations in a school environment but no one seems to care enough to accommodate their special requirements.  Policy makers need to address these issues.

Step 2:

Identify the research or resources I plan to use to emphasize my point of view.

Step 3:

Review sources and examples of digital storytelling.

Step 4:

Design graphics, and statements that I plan to use in my communique to policy makers.  Use Photoshop.

Step 5:

Create video using Sony Vegas Pro software.

My audience is policy makers at the federal level, state level, the school district level, administrators in schools, the department of education and anyone that determine funding for the special education department.


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